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1. You don’t need a man to be happy

The world will tell you that you need someone to make you complete. The world will make you feel like you’re not a fully fledged person if you don’t have a man by your side.

You are told that your happiness and success in life depend on whether a man wants you. I’m just telling you one thing: this is total rubbish.

You don’t need a man to be happy. I brought you into the world as a complete human being — you are more than good enough on your own.

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Most people say they love themselves. Unfortunately for most of us this is not true love.

For some people we just give ourselves too much. We change completely for our loved ones. We lose ourselves when we’re in a relationship.

Self-love is something completely different. If you really love yourself, you wouldn’t let anyone tell you what to change about yourself.

It doesn’t matter who stays or leaves in your life; only you are important. You are the only constant in your life.

So you have to know what you are really worth. Know what you deserve and never settle…

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Thanatophobia (noun) the fear of losing someone you love.

In a world of 7 billion people, it is virtually impossible to track down your soulmate.

There is no way you can be with everyone and know who is best for you. But you can find someone who deserves your time and attention.

You can be with whoever you want, but the point is to find someone to stay with. Why would you go through the whole rapprochement process only to end up with a broken heart again?

The only catch is that you have to let him completely into your…

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I’ve always been a very passionate person. Whatever I do, I do it with all my heart.

I have a big heart with a lot of space in it. I love the world, no matter how much it hurts me sometimes.

A person can hardly change.

Sometimes I exaggerate and people get confused. Sometimes I even push people away. Difficult to say where to draw the line when it comes to others.

Let me tell you what it feels like to be a woman who loves too much.

Relationships are complicated. The guys notice that I do everything for them…

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If you give everything for someone you love, then you know how painful it is to lose that person after a breach of trust.

A relationship is about building something together.

That’s the only thing I wanted Someone I can rely on, who stands behind me, protects me and makes me happy.

I wanted my husband to be a solid foundation on which to build my life. I wanted to have a lover and a friend rolled into one.

I wanted to love him like no other. Of course I was disappointed when none of this happened.

The man I…

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It’s no secret that, unlike us, men don’t like to talk about their feelings that much. With them, actions speak louder than words.

Fortunately, we can see through them and see if they are just pretending or if they are REALLY in love.

Here’s what a man does when he’s madly in love with you:

1. He takes you under protection

When a man falls madly in love with you, he is very protective of you. He is very attentive to your feelings and makes sure that nobody hurts you.

He’s not afraid to stand up against anyone who dares…

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Emotional cheating is catastrophically painful. Probably most of us would have preferred if our partner had betrayed us physically — that is, through sex.

A physical affair is far easier to forgive than an emotional one because we can comfort ourselves with the fact that it was only a one-time affair.

Affair is much easier to forgive when it’s all about physical contact.

Maybe you are thinking of someone you just met.

You might just think of this someone as a friend, but you might secretly wish for something more to come of it.

Perhaps you have never slept with…

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The violence is mostly associated with its physical effects, as wounds are easily noticeable and therefore undeniable.

Abuse in a relationship can mean much more than just what is visible to the naked eye.

All forms of abuse are heinous, unacceptable behaviors in a relationship, and hopefully everyone can find a way out of this situation, safe and sound, with the help of friends and family.

Being with an emotionally abusive and psychologically abusive partner means putting yourself through your own agony in silence.

It’s one of the loneliest and most heartbreaking feelings there is.

This type of violence cannot…

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I wish I could push you across the screen. I wish I could show you how amazing you are and that you are anything but ordinary.

I wish I could show you that you deserve so much more than you think is enough.

Instead, I write over and over, hoping that maybe one day my words will help someone leave behind everything that hurts them.

Hoping that one day my words will encourage someone to make a decision they should have made a long time ago. The decision to put yourself first.


You deserve…

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When you’re with someone, it goes without saying that your partner will be the strongest wind under your wings.

That person should be your biggest supporter and biggest fan. He should move you forward most when you are feeling bad or when you are going through difficult times.

And of course you should do the same for him.

It goes without saying that you are both partners and that you should support each other.

But you never were like that. I don’t know if you were intimidated by my strength or if you were just naturally insecure and wanted to…

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